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Prototype game developed over the summer with other students from NBCC Miramichi.

As a part of a game development in the Maritimes venture, my team and I were accepted into the program to develop a game of our choice over a six week period in Charlottetown, PEI. While some features were not implemented due to time constraints, most of the core elements we set out to include at the beginning such as a randomized map, minimap, and character selection were all in place in some form.

Team members were:

Sam Bowdridge - Environmental Modeler; Texture Artist
Bryan Viau - Texture Artist; Unity3D
Kyle Leet - Programmer
John Sollows - Character Designer; Character Modeler
John Landry - Character Designer; Character Animator
Craig Dodge - Music; Sound

Sam bowdridge dotbot4 sambowdridge

Character Select

Sam bowdridge dotbot2 sambowdridge

Exploring #1

Sam bowdridge dotbot3 sambowdridge

Exploring #2

Sam bowdridge dotbot1 sambowdridge

Exploring #3